The First Photograph


Recollecting my past not as a photographer was full of funny memories.Looking back at those days is like travelling in the mist, that is we can’t remember all the photos that we had captured those days but we do recollect some of them because in those days it was your best.

Hmm yes my best picture was an ant carrying a feather .Even today I can feel the happiness I had felt once when I captured it.As you grow even more professional you still remember it as your first success .It is that if you are a new person into the world of photography you should strive to find the one the picture that will be the one that will hold you up among the others


Social Media Account

Huhh that’s not a nice and catchy title after all..In order to create a good interaction with many of my readers I suggest my Instagram account.It too will help me to bring to you guys some of my picture that I haven’t posted here in blog.

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The Vision

The vision do differ in respect to the perception .

We humans are having a particular perspective about anything and everything around us.We do have the ability to filter our thoughts and vision in respect to our interests.By the way I am not trying to unknowledge the fact that we all are doing so as to save our much needed interests.But while we are trying hard to uplift our  unpredictable future like gathering up of the precious resources,we tend to forget about living a life that is granted for a short term in this world.In order to spend a short term in this world we neglect the meaning of humanity and moreover neglect our fellow humans .

The glass through which you see is just a falsely rooted concept of a beautiful world. The reality is out there and is a lot more enticing and flawless.

My dear reader just open up your inner vision and realize the wonders around you.The glass you are wearing is quite old and it’s time to replace it….it’s time…

Camera :Nikon D3200 

Lens :Tamron AF 70mm-300mm 


“In the midst of strangers”

This picture of a young child portraying “Radhaa” on “Sree Krishna Jayanthi” was photographed a month ago and despite having nothing special to do I just thought of sharing this picture with my readers.

The face was filled with fear due to the presence of large mob all around her and I just managed to capture the emotion in her face.We all have such childhood moments in our life when we lived under the shade of our parents or guardians and often felt the chill of fear in certain times when you don’t see them while you are in public.There was times when I used to double check whether I am holding my dad’s hand strongly while moving through crowded streets. 

True Colours 

Colours all over the face denotes the intensive character that is to be portrayed on the stage. He was halfway through the makeup and it was hard for me to make out what he was thinking and the face was overshadowed with dozens of covert emotions.But in the stage he was completely transformed into a villainous avatar of deep dark emotions filling all over the face.He was all a new person in the stage.

We all wear those false colours all over the face and play our parts in the life. But we always forgets the truth that at the end of the road , how much hard you try to hide your true colours it will always be finally revealed.

Half Buried Dreams

Half buried dreams : Dreams are quite an inseparable part of human instinct.It just exists with us even with or without our own consciousness.The most interesting thing is that these dreams are the sole reason for all the human wonders that we see around us.From the invention of fire to the modern day technological outbursts can all be traced back to someone’s dreams.

These above mentioned stories are those successfully accomplished dreams.But despite having successful stories,there are also those stories of failure.Dreaming is easy but making it a reality is quite a hardwork.But be optimistic are strive hard to make the impossibility a possibility.


“I am all tired today after visiting several places all over the world”

Ohh it was hell of a journey …

I woke up in the morning with the hangover of the dream of myself playing in Old Trafford for Manchester United…I was later in Italy having Italian Spaghetti all alone… Later I was with Rocky Balboa in Philadelphia with my workouts…At noon I  was chatting with my Spanish friend and almost spend a hour in Madrid…Later an entire evening was spend enjoying the day out with desi friends and was later in Japan with Memoirs Of A Geisha.

Where were you?

A Drop Of Thought

The water was muddy and was not at all having any attractiveness in any sense but do exhibit a particular beauty when a drop of water fall into it and i captured with luck few of those precious moments.

 It’s time ,it’s everything…It’s the real deal that measure things.You will be surely be too late by the time you realise that the time is the most precious thing in the world.

Live every moment as best as you can 

Kill your egos …Stop worrying…

And enjoy the time that you spend here on earth…

The Face 1

The Face 1

There are instances when a photographer is lucky in capturing certain frames that is quite hard to find.When we preset a situation for photography there are instances when we won’t get the desired depth we aim for.Sometimes it is quite hard to bring in the right emotions out of certain faces and there are also instances when we get some unexpected frames.This picture was taken few weeks ago and is one of the best portraits that I have ever taken in my life.

Cam:Nikon D3200

Small Story 1

Here goes the lady and her dog .So beautiful looking in every sense.I have not quite seen anything so charming for quite some time.Walking past the gates of the church I stood few feets away staring at the eyes of this beauty.I stood there till they went past me.       Summing up all the praises in a word I would say the “DOG” do was ‘gorgeous’.😋

The Day 

The Room was full of soft glow of  the evening sun .It was fading away and soon darkness will take its place.Everybody seems to be looking so much different and there was a lot of unfamiliar faces.The room was not so large and due to the presence of people from all over place it’s hard to see all the faces.Somewhere outside the voice are to be heard and among them I could hear some familiar voices.


Ohh!Right now I am in the midst of the garden near to the mango tree that I have planted years ago and it is one of the few living things that never cheated me in my life.Such a loyal friend.People kept on looking at me with such pitiful eyes .Its quite hard to see certain faces that shows such false emotions and quote plainly saying it never quite suite them.

(Silence,Somewhere somebody talks in low voices.”The coffin didn’t cost much as I heard that they have bought it for a discount.I think they may have bargained for it”)

It’s Time To Move On And Let the Last Drop Of Sunlight Fall Over My Body Before The Coffin Is Shut…